Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Moving Ocean

It's 2 hours until dawn, and I am sleepy. Which is a good thing, right? Right. Only I thought of you here, waiting for me, and I had to get up and write. It's a win-win. The unicorn meat eating cats are out, and the dog hides his head, so he can sleep, despite the light.

I made it to my home group in AA last night, and it made me so happy. I have yet to do my homework for group therapy today, but there is still time. And it is cooler here, and still, this morning.

For those of you upset about all the attention paid to the Royal baby: the Royal family is just a soap opera. Get over it.

Today will be an adventure, and there is more to come: Dark Star, and her husband Schrodinger, are coming to visit in early August. We were girls together, and have been through a lot, and now we are wise women together. She never fails me, and I am so grateful.

My brother came to see me, in a rare visit yesterday, and it was a good space in time. Max is ecstatic when he visits: Marc has come here to play with him. And he smells of other dogs. It doesn't take much time to 'catch up' but the memories of our time together, and our Mom and Dad, move between us like an unceasing ocean. It is always there, and the room breathes in and out to it's rhythm. 

Georgia grooms in the corner of the next room, she has already been outside. It is not wet this morning. It will be cooler today, and it is a day for the forest, and the ring of blasted trees that is my group. New shoots grow from the trunks of some of them. And there is sunlight here, in the ring. Violets grow here, although the season for them has passed. Lady slippers, those pale pink flowers, grow in the circle of light, and ferns line the outside of the ring. I can hear the water in the distance.

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