Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Coffee's on Me

The dog sleeps, the cats bounce, the coffee brews, yada, yada, yada. It is still lovely here, with low temps at night, and moderate, un-July temperatures in the day. It is quite fall like. With the late spring, and the early fall, this must be what it is like to live in Wisconsin, or Montana. Or Mongolia.

I have a good day planned, a busy one, to keep me out of my thoughts. The foodbank is this morning, and group therapy is this afternoon. Almost always, I get to meet someone new in line at the foodbank, every time I go. Some faces I recognize, of course. They are the regulars: my favorite, the old veteran, who gives his place up to younger veterans who served in war time. The Old Veteran is thin as a rail, but obviously self-sufficient and hardy. His clothes are old, but his shirts are buttoned at the neck and the wrists, and it is always clean. His hair is always combed, he is freshly shaven. He always speaks courteously, and quietly. As I said, he is my favorite face to see.

There are others, usually quiet people, who acknowledge me with a nod, or a "Good Morning." In the best of weather, it is a pleasant way to spend a morning. It doesn't require too much from an introvert.

Therapy will be interesting, I have still not got a call back from my therapist. If I tell him I am doing all the right things, he tends not to call me back. I wish he would 'hold my hand' more, but his push is for us to be self-reliant. It can be difficult, to work on myself, 'inside' work, as a friend calls it.

It looks to be a dark dawn, and I wonder what weather I will stand in today.

And while the mosquitoes are out this year, the stinkbugs have taken a powder and gone on to sunnier climes. I tell you, me, the one with the buboes, that I would rather be eaten alive than have one stinky bug to catch, or land in my food, or spray my hair. Thank gods for the rain!

After all, one can swat a mosquito and get a very satisfying squish as a result. There is no killing a stinkbug; I can only flush them down the toilet and hold my breath. 

With that thought, I will leave you to your breakfast or lunch. Have some coffee on me...

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