Thursday, August 25, 2011

We live in a world we ourselves create. ~ Johann Gottfried Herder ~

O, if only that weren't true, I could blame everything on someone else...The earthquake the other day was pretty interesting. Virginia is known for it's karst topography, that is, holes in the ground with caves underneath. Not shifting plates, which is what an earthquake is. I heard the quake ran along the "it's your fault" line that runs out of Washington.

My friend River Laker, is upset by some of the small minds that comment on blogs about him. Stripping down in a nightclub for charity in Virginia is as earth shaking as it gets. Virginia today tends to take it's cultural mores from the 1950's. We have not always been a pillar of rectitude, and River is an example of why. All those English immigrants were a pretty raunchy crew, as we are today. After all, John Smith didn't invent porn, it has been contemporaneous with all of human kind. Look at the ruins at Herculaneum...
in Australia, River would have been given an award for nicest ass of the night, or a full moon. Look at "Petunia, Queen of the Desert" as an example. The Puritans did us more damage than we thought. And now, all we have is hound dogs and okra.