Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At his best, things do not happen to the artist; he happens to them. ~ William Saroyan ~

I have ripped the screen from my door by accident. In the South, the U.S. at least, this means I will be deluged by mosquitos eventually. The unicorn meat eating cats don't care, but I do. I must smell good to bugs, and we have a lot of them here. As the poet says, there are 10,000 kind of spiders and 9,999 live in Virginia, plus a couple a kinds that no one has heard of. And flying insects...don't get me started. I already have the welts to prove it...

A friend died the other day. I am getting to the age where this is happening more and more. One day it will happen to me. I want to be cremated and spread at Hollins University, along Tinker Creek. How do you want to be disposed of? Let me know at