Monday, August 22, 2011

Hope is Gone, but not Abandoned

The kitten I was fostering for the SPCA, who I named Hope, has gone back to the SPCA in her search for a forever home. Echo, one of the unicorn meat eating cats, has returned to her rightful home, with me and the other two and the dog.

I went searching for my favorite pair of earrings the other beloved mother bought them for knots that suited me perfectly. I didn't know young dogs could mangle gold like that, although it IS a soft metal, and their teeth can crack elk bones. I'm grateful it wasn't the foster kitten. But I loved those earrings dammit.

Finished the blog for Gwenda Kellett today, about the award winning, short film "The Porcelain Unicorn". It's a truly lovely, three minute piece about the meeting of a small member of the Hitler Youth, and an even smaller Jewish girl in hiding. You should really google and watch...

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