Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nature Imitates Art

---Oscar Wilde.

I love Oscar, but I would have to disagree. My morning search for stinkbugs continues. For those of you fortunate enough not to have met these little gems yet, a word of explanation is forthcoming. Nasty, odoriferous, Chinese imports, these beauties can die in water, and then revive when taken out. Yes, Jesus bugs. Their smell is so toxic, it can make one vomit. Now imagine getting one in food...If you squish one, the smell is impossible to get out of your skin, even if you use a shoe. Now, that, is toxic.

The little buggers hitched a ride into Pennsylvania from China. They cannot be killed except by professional insecticidy people. Stinky bedbugs is what we have here. They like warm rooms, like kitchens, and food, like in kitchens and they contaminate everything they touch. If your chickens eat them, their meat will taste like stinkbug. So much for free food for your flock. If you catch one to flush down the loo, they will emit their scent onto your hands through the tissue, where it is impossible to remove, even with dish liquid and a brillo pad. I am not joking.

These little beasties are so hateful, that if they ever make it to my beloved Scotland, I would turn around and come home. And for some reason, they are attracted to English Ivy, which figures. It's only a matter of time. 

Still haven't found my puppy in the Radford, VA area. Small, black, male, baby lab with green collar. Please return him. He is irreplaceable to me.

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