Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Add What?

Ok, folks. I have now gone commercial. Keep yer pants on. JK Rowling is commercial, Timothy Leary, Dave Barry...don't guilt me. Vincent Van Gogh wasn't commercial and looked what happened to him. Tim Leary was the anti-commercial commercialist...that's my ideal.

What all this means is that some advertiser will put something on the bottom of my posts. If you click to see it, I get paid. I need it, so click away. How do you think most writers make money? Sorry, that's just my bitterness kicking in. AdSense is supposed to pick up on key words in the article and post an ad similar to it's theme. You know it's computer generated because there is an ad for a big juicy burger coupon right below my article on stinkbugs.

This could be fun.

All revenue will go toward keeping food in the mouths of my three rescued cats, who as we all remember live on unicorn meat, just like Lord Voldemort. And to retrieve my favorite retriever, Blackberry, who is being held by a stupid person who doesn't know how much I need him. They just want him cause he's cute. I need him to stop the nightmares. Big difference.

But now that I have something ridiculous like AdSense to examine...I will never be short of writing material again. It's a gift from God.