Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Happy

to see Australia still exists. It must be a relief for them, too. Insane numbers of animals dying off and the biggest storms in centuries. And now my puppy is missing.

I haven't hit depression out of the ordinary yet. For which I am intensely grateful. I wrecked and totaled my car looking for Blackberry in Radford. No car and the house is like a tomb. Neat, clean, inactive, like its' owner. I have probably spent 20 hours on the computer trying to track my dog.

I was visiting a friend in Radford and  let him out to pee in a fenced in yard. One squirmy puppy and a hole in the fence later, and he is gone. I wander around the house on my short breaks of trying to find him. The house is too quiet, and devoid of toys and toilet paper he has strewn around.

He is 3 months old, black lab with a white star on his chest and a green collar. A Reward is offered. Please help me. The nightmares are coming back.

Yours truly

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