Thursday, February 10, 2011


Bruised, bothered and bewildered. No hits today, which is a crushing blow. Usually I just sit and stare at my statistics and the nice littleworld map that comes with it. Never mind the figures are wrong usually. It's an illusion that works for me; that people read my stuff.

I know some of you do because you write me on FB about it...FaceBook. But today? Laura's computer is down, my brother is one-handed and everyone else is watching Mubarak. But, as I have stated many times, fantasy is so much more important than reality. Look at my posts that are part real. They are much more funny than the real stuff I write about.

This world is idiotic and scary. Not funny. Voltaire wrote: "God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." I used to think the quote was funny. Now it has overtones of creepy; that we are hostages to God's sense of humor...which I don't think Voltaire meant at all. Voldemort means that...not Voltaire.

And I don't think God does either. Humans just like looking a gift horse in the mouth until it drops of starvation.

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