Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Leaves of Orange

Some nights are not so good. But there is always orange to wake up to, this time of year. The orange glitter pumpkin that is my fall decoration, and the orange chrysanthemums that bloom on the deck. And this morning, there is an orange streak in one of my favorite maple trees.

It was so quiet in the apartment last night. No fans blew, no air-conditioner was on. And Max, the dog, and the two unicorn meat eating cats slept with me. There is no finer source of warmth, than that of a loving being.

Speaking of: Ruby and Minkins are still looking for someone's lap to warm. I am afraid they are not being socialized enough, and I let them out of their room in the morning, to explore, and be introduced to a dog and some other cats.

I faced yesterday with a bit more courage than I can muster today, especially after nightmares, but the clouds will pass, as the sunshine will, as well. And the feeling of new beginnings is on us with the start of Fall.

Take some time and look for orange today.

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