Monday, September 15, 2014

Coffee Morning

I remind myself this morning, not to pet the ghosts of long gone kitties in my head, but to love on the ones that surround me. There is nothing to compare to a cool, fall morning, with coffee and a warm, gray cat on the lap.

Now to the pictures: Ruby is a good momma, and loving companion.

 Her son, Minkins, is very shy and skittish. But loving and adventurous!

No, that's Ruby again. Let's try again.

 They are up for foster or a Furever Home.

Either one would trade purrs for a home for the winter...
This weekend was the first time I put on "winter" shoes. And today was the first time I have put on a "winter" shirt to walk Max, the dog. The air is cooler and more breathable. The summer grasses have put out their seedlings, and look like stalks of wheat, on the street corners.

The field has turned slightly purple, and the ground suddenly has hillocks where the grass bunches and lies. One last, lone rhododendron has blooms. Clouds line the sky. Some days they are dark, or like today, just lowering. Blue peeps through, and some gold.

The coffee is especially fine this morning. I have yogurt, and blueberries, and walnuts waiting. The dog, Max, lies now, a small figure warming the sofa, after breakfast. When my hands get cold, I sip my coffee...

Liminal, the 'art conversation' resumes today at 5:30, at the Community School on West Campbell Ave. I will read some of my blog posts. Please join us. The event will be available on Youtube, on the Community High School site, hopefully.

The man I love, who loves me, is ill. Sometimes, I can think of nothing else. 

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