Thursday, September 25, 2014


I love Americanos, which is espresso mixed with hot water. My brother and I had americanos all the way across Scotland, years ago, because the regular coffee tasted like something dredged from a canal. You cannot travel in Scotland in early Spring, without something warm to drink available at all times. So now, when I have an americano, I think of Scotland.

Of course, the weather puts me in mind of it, as well. The weather in this small valley would match the heat of Summer in Scotland: nevertheless, it is time for americanos. The Fall equinox has gone by, and Rosh Hashanah has started, the Jewish New Year, and 'time of Awe'.

Of course, to me, it's Halloween season. I love Halloween: the mystery, the costumes, the colors, and the entire world seems to live in Harry Potter's Hogwartz for a day. I love dressing up to scare the trick-or-treaters, and to be delighted, in return.

I watch the orange streak in my favorite maple spread, and the dark skies roll with clouds. Some blue shows between the clouds, but the sun cannot be seen.

But it is there.

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