Friday, May 2, 2014

Too Soon

The smallest flowers bloom first, and now, the iris and tulips and lilac. Surely there is no more wonderful scent than that of lilacs. The other night, I took Max out by moon light. The dandelions turn white under the moon, and are as large as daisies.

I love to walk in the moon light, but haven't for a few years. When I am homesick for winter, I walk in the light of the moon, and the shadows I love, appear. The sound of the water at night time, and the mysterious noises of animals slur softly together to create an ocean of sound, that is punctuated by crickets. The leaves rustle over head, and the moon drifts behind clouds and then back out.

I don't feel any different being 50 years of age. My body tells me a different story, but my 'spirit' seems 16. But yesterday, I got my first 'senior' cola. A large, young, timid cashier at Wendy's shyly gave me a diet Coke for $.25. I love getting older.

My head is full with my disorders, but at least I have the temerity to face my computer today.

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