Wednesday, May 7, 2014


It's getting hot here, and Max loves air conditioning. My old apartment doesn't have one; I haven't lived without central air since 1976. So a friend is giving me a 'window unit' so I can cool my bedroom and living room.

The man who loves me got heat stroke yesterday, giving out fliers at the polls, for the Roanoke City elections. He is better today...

The lilacs are leaving, but the iris have just begun. You know me, I have to have a garden to play in, and the apartment has no yard. So I have adopted the yard of the man I love, to play in. He isn't sure about my plans, but loves my passion for it. His yard is shaded by a large pine tree, with evergreens and pink azaleas and purple and white violets.

Of course, I will have plants in pots for the apartment: geraniums, zinnia and some tomato plants. 

The unicorn meat eating cats are angry at not being able to go outside. Georgia has taken to biting to show her displeasure.

Summer is here.

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