Monday, May 12, 2014


A friend sent me the Seals & Crofts song this morning, "Hummingbird", which fits the day. Here is the link:

The lilac and azalea have gone, but the iris and peony are blooming. I got Mother's Day presents from the cats and Max, some oven mitts and towels with, what else, puppies and kitties on them. I also got a potted plant, a vinca with pink hang on the deck.

I spend my days now, wandering the fields near the house of the man I love, who loves me. I let Max go where he pleases, which usually means near a tree: he wants a squirrel of his own. This suits me: I love trees. I feel a spark when I step on a tree root that seems to connect me to the ground, up into the sky. I become the tree.

I prefer to be a Crepe Myrtle, but squirrels don't consider them to be a tree. Their skin suits me, for some reason. But their blooms curl just as my hair does, and the dark green leaf speaks to something elemental in me.

The grass is cool and wet in the morning, and the grasses blow where it isn't mowed. Every leaf twirls on its own, and the shade is cool.

"O Hummingbird, Mankind was waiting
for you to come flying along.
Heavenly songbird we were so wrong.
We harmed you, Oh Hummingbird.
Lift us up to a heaven of holiness
Oh, source of our being. "

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