Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Ok, ok. So the writing the blog thing is becoming erratic. It's not that I want to stop; I'm not going to. I take it as a symbol of my reluctance to face the long, dark winter. Even if I love winter, I have to admit that reduced daylight sucks all the way around. Which problem will be addressed on Sunday evening, when all the clocks get turned back an hour.

This is so people who work can now go to work in the dark, as well as driving home in the dark. This is actually one of the Circles of Hell, if you must know. Once upon a time, I worked in a sewing factory, despite the fact that I could not sew. For exactly one month, I went to work in the dark, and came home at dim twilight...falling asleep on the way home (my Dad drove.) What a dismal month!

So my heart bleeds for those out there who do not get any exposure to sunlight during their working day...and will not, now that the time is changing.

Other than I am a bit more perked up. I get an immune system thingy after enough stress, and I had it in spades yesterday. It's a lot like getting the flu, without the vomiting. However, it was proceeded by a very good Halloween, and so I had something to reflect on whilst ill.

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