Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Turn To See You

 I have taken AdSense off of my blog from the sheer weariness of looking at that drivel below my posts.

I have added Russia to my blog viewers. It's nice to know that in a country the size of Russia, some ONE has noticed this blog. Although it's a miracle really. When I think of Russia, I think of angst ridden characters sipping tea from glasses and looking out at the fields while contemplating death. You know, Chekov stories. Or small apartments with no electricity or toilet paper, (Moscow on the Hudson.)

I know it's a stereotype. Culturally, Russians are as sophisticated as all get out. They modeled their society on the most high flying culture of Peter the Great's time: France. But Russia added practicality to the model. France is all out for anything, anytime; supporting Libyan liberty without committing any resources. Russia accepts liberty, but never expects any improvement in their own lives. In fact, millions of Russians are always slaughtered when a new ideal sweeps the country. That takes guts.

Meanwhile, my cats are happy with Purina.

I stand knee deep in grass
The storm is here,
I turn to see you,
the fire is coming.