Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Would Like to Thank the Nobel Committee

and being asked to do a monthly blog for the Southwest Virginia Artists IS a Nobel for me. Not much gets noticed in Southwest Virginia...we are considered too unsophisticated. Although all the best music, paintings, and poetry get done here, we lack the culinary skills to be considered top drawer. Well, we don't lack the culinary skills, Easterners just think we do. We supposedly eat hog and beans and swing from trees. Not that there is anything bad about either. Swinging from a tree is about the best fun one can have this side of the dirt. And if made correctly, there are subtleties to pork and beans missed by many.

The cats are pissed that I am painting my apartment. I am happy with the color just not the smell. How my dog stands it I don't know, but that is the nature of being a dog. You have to put up with everything.Although, the way he farts, maybe the scent is not too different. He can peel paint off the walls.

If you are a cat, you just leave when the slaves don't obey. Somewhere out there another slave is waiting...with better food and longer nails.

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