Friday, January 21, 2011

Never Get Up At 3 in the Morning

Well, reporting on large groups of animals dying got boring for the media, so they stopped reporting it. It makes my head spin trying to figure out if it only got noticed because they started reporting it in the first it truly, as some officials say, that this 'sort of thing' happens all the time, but is not covered, so not noticed?

Or, is it a 'cover-up'? I don't know. But I do know that I have grown up in the country, in the US, and have never heard of flocks of birds falling simultaneously dead. I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, and massive fish kills were directly related to some kind of environmental contaminant. That wins my vote.

None of which explains why I woke up at 3 this morning, with the feeling that it was time to get up. Ben Franklin used to get up at 3, as did some of the ancients. Our lives with electricity are vastly different than many previous generations. However, for me, as for many, this is the middle of the night. I have had jobs that required me to get up at 4, and felt dreadfully sorry for myself as long as that job lasted. Getting out of work at 2 in the afternoon doesn't compensate one for having to go to bed at 8 at night.

When I was much younger, I had a job where I got off of work at 3 in the morning. I loved it. That was 20 years ago. The cats, at least, are flexible. They will wake me up at their regular hour no matter what time I go to bed, or when I want to get up.

And they always want me to get up at 6 when I can sleep late, and at 10 when I have to get up early. Funny how that pans out.

I see our NYC friend's post on Youtube got big enough to make it to Yahoo and the major networks. So much for dead birds.

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