Monday, January 31, 2011

My Fans

Or my readers, as I should call them. I appreciate you all: from the person in Slovenia, and Russia to someone in Switzerland and another in Australia. Your hits on my site are really what keep me writing. Thank you.

A new group has joined my readers: the Healthy Place. That's an online community I subscribe to for my disabilities, or as it's sometimes known, MI, or mental illness. This is the place I want to talk about my love affair with chocolate, coffee and unicorn-meat eating kitties. And sometimes the environment and world affairs. I am documenting an island in Time. And the water is rising.

It's an artificial environment, trying to live the 50's American dream in this world of global warming and world wide economics. And I am fortunate that I know it's artificial. Otherwise I would blame myself for my lack of funds. So many are poor, but the culture where I live carefully preserves the reality, and the illusion, of wealth.

And when I was really ill, I bought all I wanted and more. We are so wealthy, it's a disease: I was a shopoholic. One year for Christmas, I went on an all day shopping spree and didn't eat. I ended up in hospital for the night, vomiting. 

But this blog is a haven for me that I share with you.

I can go to a store and buy all the chocolate I can eat. I can buy rich coffee from anywhere in the world for next to nothing. I can buy anything I want, if I have the money for it. Of course, I can't buy all the cats want...that's an Impossible Dream.

And the places in the world where this can happen disappear one by one: Greece, France, Egypt. But I don't think we are waiting on the Darkness, but on the Light.

Take heart with me here. I feel your presence more than I can tell you, with all my art and craft. Any poem I write must have you to exist. You are the poem and I hear your call to me.

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