Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Still Morning Heat

The sky was pink last night, with clouds of a darker pink. I have been reliably informed that a large electromagnetic streamer hit the Earth yesterday about 3 PM EST. We have a chance to see the aurora borealis sometime this week. I wait, breathlessly.

My coffee is especially fine this morning, although chilled. It's too hot, even at dawn, to have hot coffee now. Except espresso. My apartment was built before electricity hit the mainstream, so I make do with one window unit and a shit load of fans. The floors are wood, and stay cool.

The finches and starlings that nest above the beams of the porch roof create a breeze in the mornings that the cats enjoy.

My blog is late today, because my lovely dog, Max, let me sleep late. I don't know why. Just his own sense of mercy, I suppose. My only regret at this apartment is his lack of yard to lie in. We have to go to the man I love's house for that.

I am happy to hear from all of you that responded to my post yesterday. Like a visit to the endless ocean after a long time away, writing has captivated me again. I feel pulled to the page, and I scan the trees on my walks with Max to bring you morning news.

Not one baby bird has fallen out of the nests yet. Life is good.

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