Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I was devastated by the news, last night, that Robin Williams had taken his own life. I have been where he went: as countless millions with bipolar disorder have. His joie de vivre and gentle nature belied what was happening in his heart...the world is a sadder place.

But what a joyful thing that he lived! What a valiant life!

Did you know, that when Christopher Reeve was paralyzed by his horse riding injury, that Robin Williams, who had gone to acting school with Reeve, paid for his medical care? What kindness, what love for his fellow does that show?

Deep pain does not always bring misery. It can also teach sympathy, compassion, mercy, and love. It can also make us vulnerable to the demons in our heads.

Today, I am proud to be bipolar, with substance abuse problems...because of Robin. His life is a call to action to the rest of us.

I will contemplate his life and gifts today.

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  1. Robin is ad libbing with Jonathan Winters and Christopher is rolling on the floor with laughter. Rest in Peace, Gentle Soul.