Monday, August 25, 2014

It's a Wonderful World...Ooooahhh

When I can stay up and read my favorite Jane Austen...You?

The man I love, who loves me, has cancer again. Today is all I have.

The lights have gone out partially on the Christmas tree. So, once again, my tree is half-lit. I will have to wait another month before buying some. The Christmas lights should be on sale at Lowe's by then...

After a torrential rain on Saturday, the air is lovely and cool. It has become a pleasure again to walk Max, the dog. I have, once again, found the path through the field, into the forest. I lost the entrance because of the heat. Which is no small thing, if one is going through menopause...

There are new flowers on the path, some brightly colored, and some pale as water. The crickets sound their late Summer song. It is time for the leaf change. The trees ahead listen to the water, and the earth and the crickets. Max barks a cool, sharp sound. Fall is the sound of eternity.

I can't wait to see the leaves change, and to put the fan in the window, to draw in cool air. The grass is wet this morning, and Max does not like it on his belly.

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  1. Bushes and trees on my dog (Snookie) walking path are already starting to turn and get ready for a long nap. In another 8 weeks we should have lots of color . I walk around 7:30 am and now the weather is in the low to mid 60s..... Perfect for a walk.