Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Only the Best

It's still warm in this valley, but that should change soon. Big winds are coming; it's a typical March. It will be nice to have just a rain day...just one day when it doesn't snow or ice. It is overcast today, and I wake to empty cat bowls. It doesn't matter how much I put in their bowls, and they are free-feeders, it has disappeared by the next day. It does work out; they get 'fresh' food, everyday. They like it 'fresh'. Georgia eats it out of the bag. It's a bit like someone secretly snacking on chocolate. There is a crinkle, as she uses her paws to push down on the edge of the 20 lb. bag of food, and then, small lip-smacking, crunching sounds.

Before and after, she is like a will-o-the-wisp. Silent as the grave. Just, all of a sudden, these crinkly, crunchy sounds, out of the dark of the pantry, where the food is stored. Max doesn't eat his food like that, out of the bag. But, I have found that now and again, he will sneak their food like that. He has to be very pissed at me to do that.

Small buds form on the trees we visit on our morning walk. Fire hydrant, and flag poles aside, Max must pee on every tree we pass; he seeks them out. He likes digging in the dirt as much as I do. The weather makes me think about the container garden I want, this year. At least several tomato plants, and some flowers, zinnia springs to mind. What do you have in your garden?

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