Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, Monday Fa La La

It's the Monday after a holiday weekend, but it's not as bad as, say, the Monday after the 4th of July. Because December is a month of non-stop celebration for those who celebrate...Advent Sundays, carol rehearsals and performances, the pretty lights, and, for me, baking. I am generally very happy at this time of year...I like the weather where I live, I enjoy the sight of nature at her most exposed, and I love the lights. For a long time, my Mother's birthday was in December, the 12th, to be exact.

I still commemorate her birthday by doing something extra Christmassy on that day...extra baking, or a special trip to see the trees on display downtown, or a drive around to see the light displays.

It is beautiful here today. True, it is overcast with clouds that look like rain, but the temperature will be in the mid-50's F, and that's pretty mild, and typical for this time of year. We don't usually get the cold Canadian winds until January or February, and then spring is just around the corner.

I am happy again today. I have eaten, and bathed, taken my medications, without which I am lost. I have no thoughts for drinking or cutting. I will walk Max, the dog, today. He always looks like what the British would call a "Bully Boy" and rolls along on his walks, with an eye for company, and a leg lifted for fun. The only limits to our walks is my stamina, and he enjoys every moment, sniffing, peeing, rolling,'s all in the game for him.

The unicorn meat eating cats are disconsolate about the weather, though. There will be no sun-basking today...but I think they have accepted the inevitability of the winter. There really is not much of a choice for them. I will never move to Florida, or out West. I like rain and a bit of winter during the year. I have seen aspens, and think they are pretty, but I prefer weeping willows, and they love water.

Anyway, the "start of the Season" is here, and my heart is glad.

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