Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dahlias and Daisies

It's cold, not cool, in this small corner of the world. Pancake keeps me from crying, by her very presence.

Minkins and Pancake

The unicorn meat eating cats are not relieved, as of yet, by the lack of kittens in the household. It will take them a while, I think. I hope the New Adventurers slept as well as we did, last night. 

I also hope my flowers aren't frosted this morning. I didn't see a frost warning, but the weather has been quirky. 

I have an uncle, who was in Viet Nam, and my grandfather was in WW II. One of his uncles was in WW I. So now I think of all of them on this holiday weekend. Of course, our women served, as well. How many grandmothers or great-grandmothers served in the factories during WW II? And, grew their own vegetables in small Victory gardens? Or made and wrapped bandages? Or served at the front as nurses or Red Cross workers? 
I will include the service dogs, in this category. I, who was saved by one. 
But today, I am just quietly trying to pick my routine back up. 
Not enough coffee, yet. Hang on.

Ahh. That's better, isn't it? Max, the dog, rushes heedlessly to his kitten's rescue. When he hears a hiss in the next room, off he goes. I loved the sky, yesterday. Big, white, fluffy clouds with lots of wind. It's just the temperature was a bit off par. It seems we are still really in Spring. The azaleas bloom, and the iris, my father loved his iris. He had beds of it, of all colors, and tended them religiously, and jealously.

Today, I wait for the daisies to bloom. And I really hope the begonias and impatiens and dahlias I planted yesterday, just don't wither up and die in this cold, in revenge for me waiting so long to put them in the ground. And the choices? Which pot for which flowers? I have four pots I traditionally plant geraniums in, for my mother. I do as she did. And I have a pink geranium, her favorite, that still waits to be planted. We had a large shaded deck, at the Old House, and there were always geraniums, and begonias, and asparagus fern.

I have the daisies from the front of the house. But, that is in the past. Today I practice core mindfulness; I pay attention to each moment in time, as it comes. Right now, with my animals around me, and a roof over my head, quite a cute apartment, really, I am grateful. I have had breakfast, the coffee sits better that way. I have my meds poured and waiting.

I am grateful to be in recovery, with the love of my friends supporting me. I let them down last week, but I got back up. Pancake now tries to figure out how to lay on me, or the laptop, or both. I am determined it will be me. I am still sad and regretful, for various reasons, but I cast them off, today. Outside, it is amazingly cool for this time of year, but the dawn comes anyway. Ratty is disappointed that I do not open his window, so he can go out.

The dahlias I planted are orange, with the yellow daisies. The begonia and impatiens are together, varying shades of pink, with pink or green leaves. The snails are already making inroads. The strawberry, which blossoms now, will be planted today. I will have to wear a sweatshirt...

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